A New Jersey artist with roots in Hudson River Country, Roberto spent most of his childhood painting and drawing in New Jersey.

Also, When he began painting full-time professionally in 2012, he returned to the beautiful countryside of stone houses along the Hudson River and then moved on to Sonoma County, California as a realist impressionist.

 The changing seasons, the vineyards and fields, the antique homes, as well as the shoreline of Sonoma County, reminded him of his family roots in Tuscany, Italy, and the Amalfi Coast, which is reflected in many of his the style of some of the leading Macchiaioli painters as well as Thomas Cole of the Hudson River Valley School.

 In 2012 he started painting full time while learning his technique.  He had long been fascinated by Tonalism - a style of painting where complimentary colors are layered to create subtle color modulations.  His technique created a luminous inner glow to his paintings reminiscent of the old masters.

 Roberto has studied with some Sonoma County well known artists:  Polly Podolsky, Charles Becker and Simmon Factor.

 Roberto is an artist member of the prestigious Artist Round Table of Sonoma County, California, where he exhibits his work regularly.

 Other professional affiliations where he has exhibited his works are:

 South A Arts Alliance SOFA Dist., Sonoma County, CA
Art Gallery International
Old Masters Atelier
The Italian Art Gallery
The London Arts Gallery 

Roberto Miliano - Oils