Janice Memeo - Oil Paintings

Janice Memeo - Bio

My name is Jan Memeo; married to Roy, I have two daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.  I have been painting in oils for approx. 35 years.  I began art training in my third year of high school.  At that time, our school and a school in Italy decided to exchange art work.  I worked with a charcoal pencil and drew Santa Rosa High School.  My drawing was one of the works sent to Italy.  I did not make a copy of my drawing and never received it back, but I was quite thrilled anyway.

I met my first teacher, Dottie Mulhare, a neighbor with an art studio, who insisted that myself and another friend begin painting in oils and began giving us lessons.  Dottie belonged to an Art club, the Artists Round Table, here in Santa Rosa.  The Artists Round Table started 40 years ago, I was accepted as a member and I remain in the club today, where I have met some wonderful, accomplished artists.

 I have shown at Montgomery Village, Coddingtown, Railroad Square and other places such as banks in the Santa Rosa area, selling quite a number of paintings over the years.