Don Drummond, Acrylic & Watercolor Paintings

Don Drumond - BIO

My artistic education started with an art major at high school in Scotland and was completed a few years ago when I was awarded my Certificate of Achievement in Painting and Drawing at Santa Rosa Junior College.  However, when one practices art, learning never stops!

For me, art is an adventure.  I do not limit myself to any one particular style, technique or subject.  My interest lies in the creative process itself and I paint and draw whatever inspires me.  However, landscape has always been my favorite subject.  I enjoy painting "en plain air" and most of my landscapes now are studio paintings based on my plain air sketches.  I have explored various media, including pastel, oil and watercolor but acrylic is now my medium of choice.  The great versatility of acrylic lends itself well to the realization of my various artistic projects.