Gary Richard Caldwell - Bio

Like many people, I liked to draw and paint as a child and young adult. As an undergraduate in architecture I was exposed to drafting, drawing and art classes, including watercolor, gouache, charcoal and pastels. I found watercolors especially intriguing. However, life and work intervened, and I didn’t get back to watercolor painting until I retired.  After I retired, I pursued two major directions; 1) I went back to college to take more art, graphic design, computer graphics, and photography classes, 2) I started to volunteer at the Palo Alto Senior Center, teaching computer aided photography enhancement and took watercolor classes. Thus, the year 2002 became the real start in my watercolor painting.  Since that time, I estimate I have painted approximately 200 watercolors in various styles. I primarily paint in an architectural or landscape theme for a majority of my pieces. However, I am still evolving a painting style and am experimenting with other themes and styles of painting.

Gary Richard Caldwell